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How to Choose the Best Washer for Your Needs?

An amazing variety in the market makes choosing a washer a big challenge. But, conducting a small research, and trying to follow your requirements and budget makes the task of buying your new best washer much easier. We'll take you through everything that is important in choosing the best washer for your needs, and review all the key specifications you should consider beforehand.

3 Basic Things You Must Know in Order to Choose the Best Washer for Your Needs

  1. High efficiency washers become more and more popular nowadays, and they are usually worth the price. They use 20-50% less water than the traditional washers with agitator, which means long-term savings and environmental benefits. BUT, keep in mind that being "green" is an end-to-end process. One can't be green by purchasing products that have to be replaced at short intervals. There is a massive cost to the environment in this aspect as well.
  2. Your new best washer must have a stainless steel tub. This way it won't rust, stain or scratch, and it will last a lot longer than any other drum.
  3. Front load or top load? This is an ongoing-endless debate. For many years, top loading washers were the standard in the U.S, while for the rest of the world, front loaders were the standard. The bottom line is that both have advantages and disadvantages, so you'll have to choose according to your needs. You can read our popular post on this here.

4 Simple Tips for Choosing Your Best Washer

The main points for consideration when choosing a new washer include size, capacity, controls, energy efficiency, and, of course, budget. Ask yourself:

  1. What are your needs? Do you wash large or small quantities of laundry? Do you have an athlete or a baby at home?
  2. What are the size limitations? Do you have enough room for a big washer? Do you need a portable one that you can put away when it's not in use? Can your place only fit a top load or a front load? It is crucial to measure the space where the machine will be housed.
  3.  What is your budget? How much you are willing and able to spend? Average prices of washers range from $500 to $1,500. Lower budget usually means you'll have to sacrifice some features. It’s important to also consider the costs of using the machine, and not only the initial price tag. In some cases, it might be smarter to choose a more expensive model if it means saving on energy usage, on possible repair costs, and longer life expectancy.
  4. Technology: Probably a lot has changed in the washers market since the last time you bought one. You should learn about the new technology in use, and how you can use it to get the most out of your machine, your money, and your time. For example, the US government-issued Energy Star ratings make it easy to understand whether a particular model is energy efficient.

What's On the Market?

  1. Top-loading washers. Check out our best top load washers reviews.
  2. Front-loading washers. Check out our best front load washers reviews.
  3. Compact and portable washers: These washers have small capacities and are designed for those who have extreme space limitations. They don't feature a wide range of options, but they will clean your clothes without taking up much space in your home. Check out our best portable washers reviews.
  4. Washer and dryer combination and set: A combo is an all-in-one machine that washes and then dries. It's convenient and takes up half of the space, but the good models are quite expensive and NOT energy efficient. The stackable set is a better option. Check out our best washer and dryer reviews and decide what fits you the best.

4 Typical Washer Capacities

  1. Compact: 1.7 to 2.3 cubic feet
  2. Medium: 2.1 to 2.5 cubic feet
  3. Large: 2.7 to 3 cubic feet
  4. Extra-large: 3.1 or more cubic feet

5 Features to Look for When Choosing a New Washer

  1. Delay-start: Allows you, for example, to turn on the washer when utility rates are lower.
  2. Automatic water level control: Selects the right amount of water for each load.
  3. Internal water heater: Reduces demand on your home water heater, and usually also improves cleaning performance.
  4. Stainless-steel washtubs: They don't chip or rust as enamelled steel can, and their smooth interior surfaces are easier on clothes.
  5. Selectable spin speeds of 700 to 1,600: This means that clothes can be almost dry when they leave the washer.


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